Why Choose Us

At Diamond Care Health Services, we make it our mission to provide our clients quality care with a cheerful and positive attitude while steering them to the path of better health and lifestyle of independency.

We understand the limits of mobility suffered by the elderly, the sick or the disabled, which is why we bring the care to our clients' doorsteps. With our expert and hardworking teams of nurses, therapists and caregivers, we work hand in hand with the patients' physicians to ensure high-caliber, professional care in the best possible environment, that is, the patient's home.

We are in business because of our clients, so our clients are our #1 priority. We want them to be at their best health. We want to give them the best possible service, and we have never failed to deliver.

Contact Information
777 S. Central Expressway Suite 7E
Richardson, Texas 75080
Office Phone :   (972) 479-1888
Office Fax :       (972) 479-1887
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Cell Phone :       (214) 680-6805
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